Saturday, June 17, 2017

is it ?

is it weird?
when you have grown up
you tend to keep everything in a privacy mode

is it right?
when you have grown up
you still prefer to be the same old you
while everyone is actually changing

is it normal?
when you've reached 20+ year
while people was worried about 'relationship'
You are still taking it easy
because you don't actually think about it

is it true?
that people who look heartless
is actually a person who care the most about others

friend that turn to strangers
who is the one that should be blame for not making an effort 
to keep in touch?

is it wrong?
for having too much ego
just to depend yourself
so you don't look pathetic

is it wrong?
for being secretive 
on a certain issue
but people keep asking you

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