Thursday, December 14, 2017


Things were so much different now compared to my studies year.
People change by time I guess.

You didn't manage to get straight A's in any one of your exam besar?
You will get lectures the whole day.
You will be compared to the other children which have the same age as you.
You didn't get to hear your parents say 'it's ok you did try your best'.
They will questioning you like 'they can do it why don't you?'
They will keep blaming you.' Why don't you  study hard before'

And the list goes on.

But in today world, things are changing.
They react oppositely.

You get bad result?
No, you don't have any right to blame her.
They will say ' don't say harsh things. it will keep demotivating her'

How funny is that huh?

I'm living in that 'put all the blame on me' year. And today,when I just try to ask about the result,..they put the blame on me even for asking?. How pathetic.

How bias is that?

Its ok if you want to do it that way.
Lets do it that way and see what she will be growing up.

I will sit here doing nothing and just keep watching­čĺü

Sunday, June 18, 2017

emotional post I guess

I always have this big dream I wish I can do to my family

to be a daughter who can ease the burden of my parent
to tell my dad 'you don't have to work anymore, just rest and do whatever you enjoy doing..I can take care of them '
to simply make them happy in any ways I could do

it just..I don't hit me sometimes

they are getting older
but still at this age I can't contribute much

that feeling.

thinking about how much that our parents have done for us
how much things they have give up just to give the best to us

mixed feeling.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

is it ?

is it weird?
when you have grown up
you tend to keep everything in a privacy mode

is it right?
when you have grown up
you still prefer to be the same old you
while everyone is actually changing

is it normal?
when you've reached 20+ year
while people is worry about their 'jodoh'
You are still taking it easy
because you don't really think about it

is it true?
that people who look heartless
is actually a person who care the most about others

friend that turn to strangers
who is the one that should be blame for not making an effort 
to keep in touch?

is it wrong?
for having some ego inside you