Friday, November 13, 2015

shaz's life lesson.

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as i grow up i learn that..

  • people change as time flies. and it's normal
  • i should not share my problem in media social. cause i don't find it is necessary. people ain't care. people are not interested in knowing what happen in your life dear..get a life, even you want to rebel too much pun, media social doesn't offer a help. find other alternative 
  • kawan lupa kawan. cliche
  • heartless is a need to deal with people nowadays. and i'm glad i'm good in this
  • it's better to be labelled as kasar than 'gedik' (not that i've been labelled gedik before, but i hate girls who's too clingy mengada with boys.  where's your shame girlss? )
  • when people are leaving you for someone, you should let them go. you don't have any right to control someone's life. ( i will stick with my ego selalunya )
  • i have some friend that i can rely to when i need help
  • to get something, you really have to work hard for it
  • there are some people that you hate for their bad attitude, and you just have to act normal . for the sake untuk jaga hati orang
  • things are getting harder, and you need to be stronger
  • you don't have to be jealous with someone's life. cause Allah know what is the best for you. Allah knows well.
  • things are going well at the end. cause your thinking affect your work. when you find it complicated, it's gonna be hard. when you find it easy, it's gonna be smooth all the way
  • if things are not going well for you,.it must be something wrong somewhere. check your attitude. do self reflect
  • I find that take close up selfies and post it in any media social is weird. (not a group selfies k).plus I don't have any reason to do so.
  • don't keep mengeluh about how complicated thing are cause even how much you think you've it bad, others've had it worst.

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